Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience & Tours

Karrke Experiences

The Expe­ri­ence

We will guide you on a short walk and talk on areas of impor­tance in our cul­tur­al knowl­edge about bush tuck­er (Abo­rig­i­nal bush foods) and bush med­i­cines used for spir­i­tu­al and phys­i­cal heal­ing and a lot more, as used by the Lurit­ja and Per­tame (South­ern Aran­da) people.

In our shad­ed seat­ing areas, you will learn how impor­tant the grind­ing stone is to us in the grind­ing of edi­ble tree and grass seeds gath­ered by our peo­ple and we will show you a range of oth­er sea­son­al Bush Tuck­er foods which are still eat­en today — includ­ing the Witch­et­ty Grub.

We will explain our cul­tur­al dot paint­ings in great detail and the cul­tur­al rel­e­vance behind the pat­terns and sym­bols in our art forms. You will also see how our peo­ple made tra­di­tion­al wood arte­facts, includ­ing clap sticks, neck­laces and weapons made from local woods in Cen­tral Aus­tralia region by our people.